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Our laboratory has started in 2004. Currently, Shinichi Takagi (Professor) and Mitsuru Takenaka (Associate Professor) are managing the laboratory together as one group. We are really willing to accept oversea or foreign graduate students in the Department of Electrical Engineering, so those who wish to join our group should apply to the EE department.

Current Deadlines of Application for 2017 Academic Year

IMEGP: November 4th, 2016

Please check the following websites


For admissions and application information, please refer to the following web pages.

Please note that you need to contact individual departments for detailed information regarding the application and examination process.

Information for international students

Please refer to the following pages for international student support, including fellowships and scholarships.

Master's program

Those who are interested in the master's program should submit an application as explained in the web pages listed above. Qualified students will have an opportunity to continue in the doctoral program.

Doctoral program

If you already have a master's degree and are applying for the doctoral program, you should contact me at
takagi[at]ee.t.u-tokyo or takenaka[at]mosfet.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
at least a month before the application deadline.
You will still need to submit an application and take the entrance exam, so please go through the web pages listed above for detailed information.

Information of Accommodation.

Residence in Japan ( It is links of the site for the foreign language. )